No Justice
No Peace

MafiaApe - A Gangster Ape who is a family member of an epic Ape’s gangster family in crypto. MafiaApe is on a mission to protect crypto market justice and bring peace to all altcoins and meme coins. Anyone who affects the Apes family or even the crypto market will be punished in the name of MafiaApe.


MafiaApe Scammer Detector

In MafiaApe DApp, users can easily verify the contracts of our projects. This feature protects users from fraud and hacks and protects the integrity of the liquidity and also safeguards funds being held in your wallet. Additionally, users can verify all official information surrounding the Mafia Ape token including its contract address, slippage, tax fees, ownership wallets, holders etc. This is simply the best way to double-check projects before going full ape.

We have established a website for reporting duplicate tokens and other fraudsters via an easy process. All users need to do is provide us with proof of fraudulent activity. If our Mafia determines they are a threat, violaters will be located and exposed and the Mafia Apesters will punish them accordingly. Our connections in the Mafia Underworld run very deep, even the police work for us so relax, Mafia Ape holders are always protected in these crypto streets.

“MafiaApe - Justice For Everyone”

Token Functions

There will be ZERO tax for Buy - 10% tax for Sell!

Buy Back: Protecting investors is our main concern! The remaining 2% will be used to buy back when a bad market occurs, this creates confidence and peace of mind for long-term investors.

Liquidity Preservation: Maintaining the project is compulsory: 4% from each transaction will be added to the liquidity.

Marketing Promotion: How can we spread out the image of MafiaApe? Yes, from marketing, so the last 4% will be used for marketing purpose.

Audit & KYC


Add Liquidity
Airdrop and Bonus
Fee Launch
Token Symbol


Total Supply


Blockchain Network

Binance Smart Chain


  • Unicrypt Launching
  • PancakeSwap Listing
  • 10,000 Holders
  • Coingecko Listing
  • Coinmarketcap Listing
  • BSC Scammer Detector Platform Launching
  • 20,000 Holders
  • 40,000 holders
  • Add ETH Bridge
  • Multichain Scammer Detector Platform

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